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Why Visiting A Winery Needs To Be On Your Bucket List For 2022

Wineries, vineyards, the countryside – some vacations are always better than others!

Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be an oenophile or a budding wine lover, a wine tour is an experience that you need to try at least once in your life. So, why not add it to your bucket list for 2022?

If you enjoy a glass of wine every now and then, chances are you will enjoy a day or two out in the wine country. Going on a wine tasting tour can be a fun adventure, one that you can embark on with your partner, friends, or family.

So, if you are thinking of going on a weekend getaway or a vacation this year (that is, once the pandemic situation improves), you should consider choosing a destination that offers beautiful scenery coupled with a luxurious stay and plenty of wine.

Here are a few reasons why you must visit a winery:

Explore different wines

There’s nothing like visiting a winery and partaking in a wine tasting session to learn about different types of wines as well as the wine-making process and the harvest season. It will also introduce you to wines that you may not have tried before and you never know, you might end up with a new favorite. A wine tasting tour is a great way to develop and improve your palate.

A stress-free experience

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing experiences but they end up getting riddled with strict schedules, stress, crowded locations, and whatnot. A winery visit is a far cry from the troubles of regular vacation activities. Wineries are usually located in the countryside or away from cities, and that, combined with the sensory experience of wine tasting, makes for the perfect stress-free experience.

Meet new people

Winery visits also offer an excellent opportunity to meet new people. At a wine tasting, you will feel fellow like-minded people. Some might be there for the first time. Others could be seasoned wine tasters. But regardless of their level of wine tasting experience, they all share a common love for vino. As the wine flows, so do the conversations, and you are more than likely to bond with the other tasters.

Makes for the perfect getaway

Wineries are often surrounded by stunning vineyards, and it is one of the best reasons to go on a wine tour. While the vineyards will make you appreciate the fine art of wine making, its surroundings will provide you with the escape you need from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can enjoy the scenic vistas at your own pace, indulge in wine tastings, and let the landscape make you fall in love with it.

Visit the Water Canyon Resort for a vacation steeped in comfort and luxury. Get away from the monotony of your everyday life and spend a few blissful days surrounded by the breathtaking red rock landscapes of Hildale, Utah. And while you are here, don’t forget to visit our vineyards for wine tastings and private events.

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